Wu Han (吴晗)
Look Inside - Think Different

Adversarial Driving

Attack autonomous driving

Ph.D. Project (Computer Science)


Keep you cool in heat extremities

Masters Project (Thermal Physics)
3D Printer CNC

A Five-Axis CNC Machine
&3D Printer

Undergraduate Project (Engineering)

Look Inside

Think Different

Building Blocks

  • Machine Design

  • Embedded Systems

    AVR , STM32 , ARM-Linux, FPGA
  • Software Design

    Verilog , C/C++ , C# , Java , Python , NodeJS
  • Machine Learning

    Tensorflow , Pytorch
  • Simulation

    Ansys Fluent , COMSOL
  • Others

    Web Dev , Docker , Kubernetes , ROS


I was born curious, and I'm still curious. Pretty almost everything about Math and Computer Science interests me.

Sometimes it feels like I'm not really solving problems, I'm just working on puzzles or building blocks which is exhilarating. Thus I'm always eager to learn more, to gain more building blocks through interdisciplinary studies.

I understand that I can learn nothing without suffering, so I'm always ready to embrace new challenges.

Hello World !  

Still Exploring

  • Machine Design

  • Embedded Systems

    SpinalHDL, Zynq
  • Software Design

    Golang , Rust
  • Machine Learning

    Hadoop , Spark
  • Simulation

    Carla, AirSim
  • Others

    Unity3D , Unreal
There's light, if not, be a lighthouse then.